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Similar lifestyle

Yoga & meditation program every morning - join us!
Being vegan is not only about what you eat, but what you think and how you live. Because of that we believe being on the same wavelength will provide us mutual understanding, a lot of topics to talk about and joyful time together.

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Vegan diet

Hire vegan cook/hostess and enjoy delicious meals prepared on board wherever you anchor!
Even if you chose to prepare food by your own we believe harmonious diet choice between crew and the skipper will create a friendly atmosphere around the table.


Yacht pick

Sail out from any charter base in Croatia!
We will help you find the best sailing boat according to your requirements and wishes. We will contact the yacht rent companies and narrow the search for you, but at the end, of course, you will be the one who chooses.


Hidden bays

Throughout the years of cruising at the Adriatic sea we have discovered numerous hidden ports, untouched peaceful beaches, breathtaking caves, and bays with crystal clear sea, picturesque ancient cities, fortresses… And we are happy to share it all with you.


Safety and comfort

Leave stress back at home and let your skipper take care of mooring, anchoring, weather forecasts, navigation...
We will provide you with the highest safety and comfort on board so you can focus solely on enjoying yourself.


Organic groceries

For a vegan, it can be hard to find groceries You usually consume since islands have quite small shops with limited shopping offers.
We can help you with this challenge as well by providing the “sailing shopping” and “where to find” lists.

Meet your skipper

Filip Đurić
Date of birth:
Product designer
English, Slovenian, Croatian
Yachting experience:
from childhood
Skipper from:
yoga, sailing, hiking, cycling, skiing, swimming, basketball, volleyball

Since childhood I was going on cruises with my family, where I was slowly gathering experience as a sailor. Over the years I’ve visited numerous islands and bays, not only those which are popular, but also those for which most people have no knowledge about. Through those experiences I’ve also gained the knowledge about the navigation, anchoring, mooring and all those little things necessary for life on a boat. In elementary school I’ve started to train sailing in the yacht club “Galeb” and few years after I’ve joined the crew of the yacht club “Neverin”. In 2012, I’ve started working as a sailboat skipper and in that way started to share my experience and landscape discoveries with everyone who wants to enjoy the beauties of the Adriatic sea. Since 2017, I cooperate as a lecturer for company “Navticni tecaji” from Slovenia at the courses for boat leader licenses, and as a teacher at the skipper academy practical trainings. Since 2018 I cooperate with “NAS” sailing center from Krk, Croatia, as a skipper, as well as theoretical and practical instructor at variety of sailing courses, from beginners course through navigation course to the skipper training.
I became a vegetarian when I was 10 and at age of 23 I’ve upgraded my diet choice to veganism. I’m trying my best to live my everyday life according to Yogic principles, which are great providers of knowledge and awareness in shaping my moral and ethical views. I’m about to become yoga instructor according to Yoga in Daily life System.

Meet your hostess

Helena Smiljanić
Date of birth:
translator, homeopath, yoga teacher
English, Italian, German
Cooking experience:
vegan cooking classes and daily preparation of vegan meals
Cooking, mountaineering, natural cures, homeopathy

An extra person on your sailing trip to make all your cares float away!

My name is Helena and it is my duty to make sure you are happy and satisfied with delicious ingredients I will provide for you, and the meals I will prepare in a professional manner to keep you well fed. I am a fan of cooking and healthy living, which is a great combination that will certainly bring a smile to your face. Your menus will comprise Mediterranean- or Asian-style full-bodied vegan meals with refreshing drinks. I will serve them proficiently and clean up everything afterwards, so forget about wasting your time in the kitchen while the sun and the sea are calling you! My sole aim is to make you feel carefree, comfortable, and content, therefore before the trip we will discuss about your wishes concerning meals and leisure activities that can be organised on land or on board. The cooking and cleaning services are provided with great care and organised in such a way as not to interfere with your holiday. Depending on your wishes, I can transform into a chameleon or be in charge of entertainment. In any case, everything you need will be done before you need it!

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