Terms and Conditions - „Vegan Sailing“

Vegan Sailing and www.vegansailing.eu are ownership of Paras Design Studio, registerd in Croatia under provisions of Croatian law as PARAS, OBRT ZA DIZAJN, vl. FILIP ĐURIĆ, ČAVLE, BOKI 15 (hereinafter referred to as Paras or the Provider)


  • - Participants younger than 18 years must have written consent of the parent or custodian when making the booking
  • - The participant is required to accept the program and schedule.
  • - The participant attending a purchased program does so at their own risk.
  • - The participant may be suspended if not adhering to the program or schedule, if severely breaching or disrupting the program and will therefore not be entitled to a refund.
  • - The participant is not entitled to a refund upon voluntarily quitting the program.


A person chooses and reserves a sailing or other type of program at the service provider Paras, where the mutual relationship between the program participant and Paras is subject to the contractual obligations defined in this document. Regardless of the number of participants in a particular reservation, Paras will communicate solely and only with the person who made the reservation. This relates also to all subsequent contacts such as changes to or the cancelling of a reservation. The person who made the reservation must, at the time of making the reservation, be at least 18 years of age and legally competent. The person is responsible for the accuracy of all personal details entered into the reservation system, as well as the accuracy of all information on the participants for whom the reservation was made. The person is responsible that all information received by Paras be communicated to other participants for whom the reservation was made. If Participant is younger than 18 years written consent of the parent or custodian is necessary. Other limitations and conditions of use for certain programs may also exist and may be found in the description of such programs.


All prices that PARAS advertises are accurate at the time of publishing. PARAS retains the right to change prices without prior notice.


PARAS retains the right to make changes to plans and programs due to operational reasons or in the event it deems that such changes are in the interest of participants. If that should happen, the person will be notified in the shortest possible time, and the changes will have no impact on the price of the cruise. A person has the right to cancel a reservation for a cruise that has undergone changes and receive a refund of the payment if they deem such changes as unacceptable.


If a person has special requests relating to a program, they may convey the requests at the time of making the reservation. Later changes are sometimes possible but may also result in changes to the price of a reserved program.



The reservation system demands that the person gives PARAS personal details. This relates to details such as name and surname, contact information, special requirements, and other information. These details also relate to the person who made the reservation. The person who makes the reservation is also obligated to inform all persons, for whom a reservation was made, of the protection of personal information and acquire their approval for acting on their behalf. PARAS will endeavor to keep the received details up to date, accurate and complete. The same rules also apply to reservations and contacts made at PARAS’s points of sale and by its business partners, where employees receive the details and subsequently enter them into the reservation system.


  • (1) For the purpose of providing services, programs, insurance, permits or otherwise, personal details may be used outside of PARAS
  • (2) Details such as health information may be deemed sensitive information. Such information is collected by PARAS with the aim of protecting the person.

When reserving a program, the person permits PARAS to use the sensitive information in emergency situations outside of PARAS, such as communicating with insurance companies or medical assistance. If the person does not agree to such use of sensitive information, PARAS will not accept the reservation.


  • (1) PARAS retains the right to contact at times the person regarding news about offers, brochures, coming events and special deals and it is deemed that the person has provided such consent when making the reservation.
  • (2) PARAS will never share personal details with other third parties for advertising purposes.
  • (3) If a person does not want to receive the mentioned materials, please read point (2) of the section “THE PERSON’S RIGHTS”


  • (1) Upon the person’s request, PARAS will provide insight into all data it holds on the person. Such a request is to be made by mail and titled “Insight into Personal Details” via the email address info@vegansailing.eu or submitted at the points of sale.
  • (2) The person may seek via the email address info@vegansailing.eu deletion from the list of contacts. In addition to that, the person may always use the “Unsubscribe” option, which will subsequently halt the sending of further information to the person.


PARAS may use cookies that provides a way of identifying computers. The person may prevent the storing of cookies via their Internet browser, but in that case, the functionality of the website and reservation system may be lost. PARAS may use cookies to track the online behavior of visitors and participants with the aim of improving the online website experience. The use of PARAS’s website and reservation system implies the person has accepted the use of cookies. The PARAS website may contain links to other websites. The content of such websites and functionality of the links is not the responsibility of PARAS


With the aim of ensuring quality and safety while providing services and protecting PARAS, persons and participants, PARAS may monitor and/or record: (1) telephone calls, (2) use security cameras within and around the base, (3) transactions and activities at points of sale and (4) geolocation data from PARAS’s boats. All recordings are solely the property of PARAS


PARAS has undertaken all reasonable steps and measures with the aim of protecting personal information.


All changes to the Policy will be placed on the PARAS website and reservation system, and will be accessible if requested via email at info@vegansailing.eu



PARAS reserves the right to cancel a cruise or other type of sailing program on account of reasons beyond its control (Force majeur). In that case, persons will be refunded for their payments. PARAS is not responsible for other possible costs which persons or participants may have incurred due to the cancellation. In the event of inadequate number of participants have registered for a program, PARAS reserves the right to change the period of or organize differently that program, upon which it shall timely inform the participant, and together with the participant either set another appropriate time or offer another solution acceptable to the participant.


If the program is bought at a point of sale, cancelling may be done in writing.

Cancellation by the Participant is allowed and the following conditions shall be applied:

  • - 60 or more days prior to the starting day of the cruise: 20% of the paid amount for reservation of the cruise shall be retained by or due to Paras
  • - 30 to 59 days prior to the starting day of the cruise: 50 % of the price of the cruise shall be retained by or due to Paras
  • - 29 days or less prior to the starting day of the cruise: 100% of the price of the cruise shall be retained by or due to Paras
  • - on the day or during the cruise, 100% of the price of the cruise shall be retained by or due to Paras.

Refunding payments is not possible if coming late to the start of the program, failing to attend or quitting the program prior to its completion. Failure to attend is deemed when a participant does not come to a previously defined location at a previously defined time, as is described on the website for every program or in the reservation program or sent in writing. PARAS is not responsible for problems the participant may encounter in finding the location where the program is to be held.


Fog, mist, rain, wind, forecast such as “possible thunderstorms”, do not affect the normal implementation of the plans and programs. However, severe weather conditions do exist where a program will not be halted but instead plans and schedules as well as the tempo of running the program will then be altered. This decision is the sole responsibility of the instructor or skipper in consent with the base manager.



All insurance such as additional health or travel insurance, including insurance for personal belongings are the responsibility of the participant.


All participants are responsible for having valid travel documentation.


The manner of providing and the scope of medical insurance services depends on the domicile country of the participant. More details can be found on the website http:///www.hzzo.hr/en


PARAS will provide its participants general instructions for their safety and health. If necessary, the person must, prior to attending the program, consult with their physician. Depending on the cruise or program, activities may be strenuous, require staying on a boat for multiple days, possibly poor weather conditions and the effects of the sun, hence it is the responsibility of the participant to be physically and psychologically ready for such exertions. The participant is obligated to inform the skipper and other persons in charge at PARAS prior to the program commencing, of their illnesses, disabilities, allergies and/or other conditions that may pose an added risk to participants or possibly hinder them from completing the program. Such notice is necessary as it aims to protect the participant and need not pose an obstacle to properly participating in a program. The skippers are not qualified to provide medical assistance, but they may do so with the explicit permission of the participant and at the participant’s risk. All participants are personally responsible for protecting themselves against bad weather and the effects of the sun. The advice for sun protection is to wear a hat and sun glasses, as well as using high factor sun creams. The person declares at their own risk that they possess the appropriate swimming and sea survival skills. Despite all endeavors that PARAS invests in ensuring comfort, the participant accepts the fact that all programs include a certain level of risk and discomfort. PARAS does not assume any responsibility in case of injuries, damage, losses, additional costs, discomfort and the like incurred by the participant and/or personal equipment.


The skipper, base manager or sales representative of PARAS represent authority and the person responsible. The participant must actively and properly perform safety procedures and actions with which the participant will become familiar, as well as those determined by the instructor on the boat or base manager. PARAS reserves the right to expel those participants that fail to behave in line with the stated procedures and actions or who, on account of their behavior, have brought upon other participants discomfort or risk, without any obligation by PARAS to provide compensation to expelled participants. The successful implementation of a program is based on a schedule to which participants must adhere.


If there are reasons for dissatisfaction with any part of a program, the participant is obligated to immediately lodge a complaint to the skipper, base manager or other person in charge at PARAS. If the participants does not immediately do so, there can be no guarantee of subsequently finding an appropriate solution. If dissatisfaction becomes significant and continual, the participant may lodge a complaint, via the official email address info@vegansailing.eu, as soon as possible but no later than within 14 days of completing the cruise or program. PARAS will respond to the complaint within the legally stipulated deadlines. These Terms of Service relate to all PARAS programs, but should there be complaints or disputes, the terms defined and specific for each program shall have priority.


The participant acknowledges to willingly and at personal risk participate in the PARAS cruise or sailing program and is aware that it involves certain risks and danger, including but not only: the danger of sailing at sea and in remote areas, travelling using transport means and infrastructure in the state it is, weather conditions and the forces of nature (sea and wind conditions), illness or injuries without the possibility of immediate evacuation or without availability of specific medical necessities (does not include those included in on-board medical kits), physical exertion and other factors.

The participant is aware that medical services and facilities may not always be available during the program and that it is the participant’s responsibility to have an insurance policy that also covers the cost of emergency medical treatment and medical transport during the entire program. PARAS, its skippers, sailing instructors and base managers are not responsible for the availability of appropriate medical equipment and necessities that may be needed during the program, especially when staying out at sea, or for the availability of first aid or medical procedures, or inadequate professional provision of first aid or medical procedures by the sailing instructor, base manager, physician or third parties. The participant acknowledges to willingly participate in the selected cruise and activities and is aware of the risk of such participation. The participant accepts responsibility for personal wellbeing and indemnifies PARAS, the skippers, sailing instructors, base managers and all other related persons from all responsibility and any claims relating to any consequences, risks from illnesses, physical and psychological injuries including death and other possible consequences from participating in activities relating to participation in the cruise or sailing program. The participant has carefully read the Terms of Service and fully agrees with the content.


All amendments to the Terms of Service will be published by PARAS on its website and reservation system, and are available upon request by email.