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Join all inclusive vegan sailing trip and share a boat with other vegans

Prices for

summer 2023

VEGAN SAILING (10-17 June)
Early bird DISCOUNT(until 31th March 2023): 1400€/person Regular price (until 30 April 2023): 1600€/person

WILD SAILING (13-20 May)
Early bird DISCOUNT(until 31th March 2023): 1200€/person Regular price (until 30 April 2023): 1400€/person





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Route and date choices

  • Each route is designed to give you a combination of natural beauties and cultural heritage of the Adriatic Region.
  • Generally we change 1 bay per day, what means 2-4 h of motoring or sailing, if the weather allows it.
  • The route we will actually make depends on the weather forecast, so in order to keep you safe, you should also be prepared to accept the necessary day-to-day changes. No need to worry about not sailing enough, we love sailing and we will use every moment to share that experience with you if it does not undermine your safety on board.




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